Enhancv Review

EnhanCV Resume Service Review

Design 8/10

Service 7/10

Payment  8/10

Quality 7/10

Overall Rating 7/10

EnhanCV Review

Enhancv.com was founded in 2014 by three brothers in Sofia, Bulgaria, to help any job seeker submit a professional resume. Over the years, the company has expanded. It now has a highly skilled ten-person team that focuses on creating a quality resume and delivering any other writing service that a candidate might need to make a lasting first impression on a recruiter. Enhancv.com is best known worldwide as a site that helps numerous individuals get hired in reputable corporations such as Facebook, Intercom, Spotify, Tesla, Google, etc.

The company is highly in demand globally and is known in the industry for having professionals that write in Swedish, French, and English. This service delivery strategy has expanded its client base. Furthermore, each writer is an expert who understands the current resume format that employers expect to see. As a result, no matter their geographical location, any candidate will visit enhancv.com to get any service related to career-building. Most reviews speak of a company whose website is user-friendly with an easy signup process. A thorough review further shows that Enhancv frequently offers useful tips and guides that help a candidate to build a meaningful professional path. However, suppose you need more information about the resume service writing process or communicating with the writer. In that case, it isn’t easy to get in touch with their support agents as Enhancv has not provided their contact information.

Comprehensive Review of Every Service to Expect From Enhancv.com

The core service of Enhancv is providing the best resume builder that helps job seeker highlight their achievements and personality in a way that impresses a recruiter. Through the tool, a client can create a document tailored to the specific role they want to apply for. While carrying out an unbiased review, we found out that Enhancv ranks amongst the top because they offer a wide variety of services, including:

  • Composing a resume from scratch or reviewing it.
  • Cover letter crafting.
  • Proofreading done by an expert.
  • Providing the best templates.
  • Offering samples written by an expert.
  • Interview preparations.
  • Enhancv career counseling.
  • Optimization of LinkedIn profile for the job search.

The full review for this company included checking out the writer’s skill assigned to our order and the price for each package. Listed below is a comprehensive review of each service.

A Review of the Enhancv Executive Service

This package is designed to suit those in executive roles. After you order this service, the writer with impressive skill works on the task until you are delighted. Based on the writer’s review and their skill set for this service, it’s clear that the writer is an expert who will write content with the utmost perfection and the highest standards. This package comes with the following advantages:

  • The document is customized as per the job and current format expected by hiring managers.
  • The service has no limit.
  • The client’s order is given first priority.
  • Expect the assigned writer to have extensive skills and write a flawless task.

While conducting a review for this Enhancv service, we noticed that they are given their own career counselor. The counselor’s skill was awe-inspiring as they will write a one-of-a-kind action plan or strategy to ensure the employment search yields results.

Resume Review

Not every candidate has the unique skill needed to write a quality document. Therefore, an experienced writer from Enhancv takes on reviewing the document and submitting a flawless one. After you order the review package, the assigned writer gets in touch with you to discuss the task in more detail. The review for this service was positive and got thumbs up from numerous customers because it takes only half an hour for the task to be reviewed by an expert writer.

A Review of the Writing Package

This is one of the sought-after Enhancv services. The price might seem relatively high, but once you pay, expect to enjoy numerous advantages. This includes a first draft with the desired format completed by an expert within three days. In addition, this service has no limits on the revisions that a candidate can request.

Enhancv Writing Policy

While the Enhancv team skill is exceptional, they also adhere to a strict writing policy. For starters, after you place an order, the expert will contact you to clarify the format expected and then write the task within three days. Then, if you want the task to be revised, the writer will use their fast skill to make the necessary corrections promptly, for free, and until you are satisfied. Finally, once the expert writer completes the final draft, the task is added to your dashboard.

Pricing Set by Enhancv

Each service has a specific price, and the candidate has to pay upfront before the expert writer starts working on the order. For example, the price for resume writing is $89, while the Enhancv executive costs $454. However, instead of settling on a specific Enhancv package, a client may pay a monthly, quarterly, or semiannual price, ranging from $19.99 to $65.94.

A Review of the Refund Policy Set by Enhancv

Here are the three most frequently asked questions concerning the Enhancv service refund policy.

Which are the non-refundable cases? If you pay for the one-month plan, you are not eligible for a refund. The coupons and promo codes are also non-refundable.

When should I expect a refund? Enhancv clearly states that you are eligible for a partial refund if you pay for a three or six-month service plan. After that, however, you must pay $19.99 for using their service, and any additional money is then refunded.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time? Yes, but you have to order on the Enhancv platform first then wait to cancel the subscription on your next billing date.

Cheat Case Review

Testimonials show that clients have not encountered any fraud or cheating while hiring any of their expert writers. While the skill of the whole team is impressive, users have complained about the lack of transparency in the free trial. Even after choosing it, the enhancv.com team charges a monthly fee without notifying you first.

What to Expect From Enhancv Customer Care

Based on numerous reviews, the lack of support agents that can be accessed round the clock is Enhancv’s biggest disadvantage. Instead of employing real customer care, they use automated messages. Most clients also complained of the inability to reach any support agents, especially when making inquiries about payment issues.

Customer Testimonials

Each review from several trusted websites such as Trustpilot, Trustmamma, and Reddit shows that Enhancv creates a standard resume. Some templates come in handy when crafting a document, but the limited designs are another customer complaint. Lack of 24/7 customer care and the pay deducted without prior notice are other complaints given by Enhancv users.

Final Thought

By factoring in the lack of support agents and every customer review, we can confidently say that the Enhancv writing service provides readymade documents. Furthermore, the samples and templates help a candidate create a resume fast. However, the lack of design and font variety limits the format that a specific job seeker may want to use.