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Monster Resume Service Review

Design 7/10

Service 7/10

Payment  8/10

Quality 7/10

Overall Rating 7/10

monster review

When one is actively eyeing new job opportunities, they must have an outstanding resume that will enable them to secure some interviews with potential bosses. Unfortunately, the art of composing resumes is very demanding, and so you may find some people deciding to write their resumes and hire a professional composing service.

There are several services one can make an order from, but most people prefer Monster writing services. The number of people that contacted this service prompted us to conduct a review of their services. Remember, the plan you choose will matter a lot when determining the services you get. One can pay for their favorite package through the payment options listed by

Firstly, to access these services, one must sign up; this is done by making an order. For example, at Monster resume composing service, one must choose a basic, deluxe, or premier package. On our side, we choose the basic plan. After picking our preferred package, completing a questionnaire plus submitting a draft CV that will be improved by the CV writer assigned to your task were next in line. When conducting our review, the following factors were considered: ease when making an order, price, flexibility, qualifications, and the superiority of the paper.

How Monster Writing Service Works


At Monster, all you need to do is pay for your package, and the system will automatically sign you up. One can pay either by credit card or PayPal. Feedback from the support team came after 24hrs. This was quite unusual comparing to several composing agencies where the response is automated. Getting an immediate response from a writing service gives someone some assurance when making such an order.

Answering a Questionnaire

Answering the form took us roughly 15 minutes. After filling out the form, we were asked to submit more than one thesis statement. These statements indicate the endeavors of the candidate. This review revealed that this is a positive aspect that set apart Monster resume service from other agencies.

Submitting a Draft Resume

After answering the order paper correctly, the next step involved uploading an old CV on the company website. When conducting this review, we observed that this procedure was a little bit standard matched to other professional CV composing associations. For example, at Monster, you get an automated message signifying your rough CV copy will be available in four days. Also, they made assurances in case we encountered any problems; the designated writer will always be accessible to us.

Notification Message Indicating Your Task Has Been Allocated to an Expert

After roughly 24 hours, sent a plain message informing us that they had assigned our task to a proficient CV author. Getting the bland email was disappointing since we expected the expert to contact us directly.

Delivering the Rough CV Copy

The expert assigned to our task delivered the first copy after four days. The author’s responses were also on the spot as per the service policies. As earlier indicated when filling out the questionnaire, providing the draft made us gain confidence in Monster writing service. The rough copy can also be used as the final order paper.

The Resume Quality

 At the beginning of the Monster service review, we stated that the superiority of a CV is essential. Therefore, when estimating the eminence of any CV, we always study these three things; content, structure, and format. In terms of content composing, we singled out:

A Brief Report

Your CV must have a meaningful summary report. It must be brief.

Skills Review

 The abilities incorporated in the CV must be structured.  


 When composing this section, your mind should revolve around the applicant. You must embrace the job report, and your accomplishments should be bulleted.


 In this part, you are required to indicate the institutions attended, their location, area of study, and the award received


 When composing this part, the expert must take courses and other certifications the candidate has received. 


How to Structure and Design a Professional CV

When conducting our Monster service review, we noticed that the CV delivered by Monster company had a layout that seemed restricted. When designing the page layout, the author used a .5-inch margin on the sides and single spacing options in the body. The author used 6pt. spacing to write the skills segment. The CV was a bit challenging to read because of the format the writer had applied. Another aspect that disappointed us was that the CV from Monster lacked a sophisticated pull displayed by other composing agencies. The assigned CV expert tried to make the CV look flashy by framing the headers in bold, which did not impress us.

 According to this review, a person with more than ten years of work experience should have more than a page CV. The author assigned to our task succeeded in squeezing the initial CV from two pages into one page. This did not end well since she ended up delivering a hampered document. We edited her work and changed the overall format for the margins. Her single-page CV quickly turned to a two-page resume. One question we could all ask ourselves is why she couldn’t do the same.

Our author followed the traditional structure, which is indicated below:

  • Personal information
  • Abstract
  • Abilities
  • Work Experience
  • Schooling
  • Training

As per the service review, the CV delivered by the writer was dense. The author had included excess information about the position our applicant currently holds. The structure and design styles the expert applied seemed to be wanting.

The Summary

Our service review indicates that the CV writer formulated a strong summary that took us all by surprise. The expert had voiced an authentic story hence generating a framework for the whole CV. Our expert appeared to be knowledgeable on the latest occupation trends since she used catchphrases applicable to some of the candidate’s past roles. Some of the catchphrases she used include:

  • Project management
  • Resources manager
  • Team management
  • Relationship administration
  • Improving unified workflow of employees
  • Inventory
  • Product life-cycle processes
  • Customer fulfillment
  • Implementing procedure advances that profit both the company and consumers equally

To write an excellent CV abstract, the writer must reflect on what value a person brings to the table. e.g., the author from Monster wrote an abstract that states as follows “an effective project director skilled at guiding warehouse transfers and facilitates production optimization to cut wastes and improve production efficiency.” That was not a wrong summary statement. However, there is an improved way in which the expert could have phrased it. For example, the writer should write, “the applicant will help increase the company’s efficiency levels and reduce the waste levels, which will be evident by the successful relocation of three warehouses.”

Lastly, we noticed that the writer from Monster composing agency/company had included some fluff in our CV. Some of the fluffs words she had used were:

  • Greatly experienced
  • Revolutionary
  • A change maker

Any established CV writer will advise you that such words add no extra significance to the abstract you write.


Our service review demonstrates that this segment is significant to your CV. First, you must write all catchphrases listed in the career description. On the skill segment, our author from Monster did outstanding work. She incorporated the keywords written in our old copy and additional skill sets she got from an online CV. An excellent illustration of the skill sets that stood out was:

  • Account and excellence control
  • Client relations
  • Predicting
  • Tactical scheduling

The format our writer used when composing the skill segment impressed us. Moreover, the spacing options were good. As you write, the skills segment starts with the most recent skills gained.


Our Monster service review has indicated that, besides the skill section, the experience segment is more critical. An exceptional experience section must always comprise a proper task space that is written in a paragraph. Experiences aim to bring out some of the applicant’s duties for every title held. In terms of length, a good task description must not go beyond four sentences.

The resume we presented to Monster lacked some of the undertakings our candidate had attained. This is because we sought to evaluate the author’s skills in punching up weak statements.

Below is an example of a weak statement as highlighted in the review: “restructured the construction plan, retrieved unused spaces and made improvements in the production flow?” In addition, the CV writer from Monster asked at what percentage the applicant reclaimed from the waste space, to which we answered 40%.

She wrote the job scope as follows; “Regained 40% of the waste space and aided in increasing easy movement of processes. This was done by spearheading the policy developments and instigated lean-oriented manufacturing processes.” In addition, our author spiced up the experience segment by adding how our candidate oversaw the relocation of three warehouses and planned and coordinated new storeroom proposals effectively.

The writer from Monster did an exemplary job writing the experience section. It was well written and satisfying.


As per the review, we have stated that the CV author did not use the old-fashioned method when composing the education part. This is because she needed the CV to be not more than a page. The author decided on incorporating all the data in one line.


The draft CV we submitted to, it had indicated that our candidate had finished an exercise program that lasted for one month. The program stayed for eight weeks, after which our candidate was awarded accreditations in Junior Program Administrator. Unfortunately, our author decided to leave this information out.

Monster Writers Certifications

At, authors’ certifications are not transparent. They argue that every writer is proficiently trained, but they don’t state how these certifications hold. A qualified CV author must have undergone some training, either from somebody who is already certified or takes time to learn the basics of CV writing.

The support team from Monster argues that every author they’ve hired has held several roles in HR and recruitment, by the extent to which these claims are actual remains unknown.

Company Guarantees

At, they have assurances regarding customer satisfaction. They give a 60-day guarantee to request their CV to be modified newly if they are not satisfied with the original one.


At Monster composing company, they do not give free resumes. However, they have posted a CV sample on the company website that guides candidates on structuring and designing their papers.

Plans and Pricing

The review conducted on Monster resume service revealed the company offers three different pricing plans to their customers. The price they charge is pretty reasonable. Below is the analysis for these pricing plans:

Basic Package 

When you choose the basic plan, you get the following:

  • Selecting a basic plan, you will pay a total of $129
  • Well-crafted CV showcasing the unique skill a candidate has
  • Catchphrase inclusive content that matches task descriptions
  • Free return option within 60 days
  • On-time delivery
  • The support system is on point

Deluxe Plan

In this package, you will get the following:

  • Choosing a deluxe plan, a client will pay a total price of $169
  • Entirety in the basic plan
  • Free cover letter services
  • Includes a conclusive call to action
  • Professionally written CV
  • 24-hour support system

Premier Plan

For the premier package, you get the following services:

  • Choosing the premier plan, you will pay a total of $349
  • All services stated in the deluxe pricing plan
  • Total LinkedIn transformation
  • A specialized abstract replicating your accomplishments
  • 24-hour support system

Final Verdict

As we complete this review, we can conclude that Monster composing service gives eye-catching price plans, and the quality of the CVs is second to none. In terms of design and format, the task delivered by the writer was cramped. Nevertheless, the author had a profound knowledge of the recent employment trends, a trait difficult to find in some CV writers. The order process is stress-free, and the price is also pocket-friendly (one can pay through various platforms). If you wish to have your CV written, Monster is your go-to option. They have a friendly support team.