Job seeking can be challenging and cumbersome, especially if you don’t present the recommended resume for your applications. This is one challenge faced by many applicants today.

How to Make a Resume?

A faulty resume will enable you to secure an option D among the choices of job you prefer. On the contrary, a worthy piece will ensure that you get job interview requests within days of submission. Now, whom do you want to be among these two applicants?

Below, we have tips to guide you on how to write a good resume that stands between a dream career job and choice D. Check this out!

Simple Steps in Making a Resume

  • Layout Format
  • Personal detail & contact information
  • Resume summary/ objective
  • Work experience & achievements
  • Top soft & hard skills
  • Hobbies and languages are optional areas you can indicate

Before organizing all your work, you should consider tailoring the job advert’s info. Also, don’t forget to include a cover letter. Countercheck your copies as many times as possible when you are through.

Template Selection: How to Present the Correct Resume Structure

There are things you shouldn’t miss in a resume. These are the fundamentals that develop a good resume for any job application. Be keen to determine what is recommended before capturing data for your pieces.

The relevant sections that you will indicate are personal contact information, professional title, summary or objective, top soft & hard skill and additional areas, e.g. certifications, volunteer work, language, hobbies.

A Quick and Sure Way to Develop a Resume

What if I tell you that there’s another option for creating a resume apart from using the basic text editor, will you believe? This new advancement, Novorésumé, is a resume builder rather than a text editor. You can spend less time working with it.

It is easy to use, quick, and reliable as you can maintain the format of your copies all through. You can build up any resume within a few hours by relying on this assistant. Kindly head over to our resume builder to learn more about that.

Which Format is best for Your Resume?

Today’s three standard resume formats are reverse chronological, functional or skill-based, and finally, a mix of the two. You can pick on any depending on your level of experience and the type of job you apply for.

  • Reverse chronology – ideal style for applicants with applicable work proficiencies. The latest comes first, and the earliest comes last in reverse. Start by indicating the current work position, then the rest follows.
  • Functional /skill-based – Ideal for candidates without experience, fresh graduates and individuals who want to diverse to a different career.
  • Blend – Great for entrants with manifold expertise. Typical for vacancies that require skills in multiple fields with proof of that.

This guide will tell you what you need to do when writing your copies. Topical alumnae or anyone with a varied skill set can rely on the other two formats when developing their copies. Our guides to resume will enable you to manoeuvre around our pieces.

Best Resume Format Today

What format did you use for your piece? This is the first thing the employer will notice after checking your print. Is your paper appealing? Does it call the audience to read through the entire piece?

Things You Shouldn’t Miss in a Layout

These are some of the things you should consider when writing a resume:

  • One page in length – A second page would mean you have additional data with significant value to the resume
  • Section headings
  • Correct spacing around margins
  • Visible font
  • Proper font size use 11-12pt for standard text and 14-16pt for headings.
  • Consider saving as PDF copy as word documents are prone to distortion and change in format if mishandled.
  • Layout type- Traditional templates are typical applications in legal, banking, and finance. Creative templates fit perfectly for applicants in the tech industry.

Content: What to Indicate in a Worthy Resume

How can I write a resume and present a worthy piece? If you are in this situation, here is something to help you out!

Indicate these in a resume:

  • Contact info
  • Professional objective or summary
  • Work experience
  • Education
  • Skills


This provides info to locate you—consists of first and last names, contact number, email and location. It is optional also to indicate your title, LinkedIn, blog, social websites, Website etc.

The birth date isn’t standard as it gives the reader a different perception and can judge your ability to handle the vacancy. Unprofessional email addresses with some funny names tell much about you. It could even relate to work etiquette.


Any application submitted should attract the hiring committee to consider your application. Always impress your audience at first-time. HR managers consume less time checking through resumes you took hours or even days writing, and you may wonder why. First, they always require specific details from contestants before progressing further. If your copies can’t satisfy their demands at first glance, they will be unworthy. Second, HRs don’t have much time to read through thousands of applications received each day.

The summary is precise, short, exciting, and straightforward. It reflects the applicant’s career experience in 2-3 sentences. Besides, it tells the kind of job, the number of years of expertise, top accomplishments and career desire.

A fresh alumna or anyone changing careers shouldn’t use a summary, but instead, the objective will work better. It tells more of what makes you want to enrol in the new field. It takes 2 -3 sentences. It works perfectly for anyone without any job experience or experiencing a drift in career choice.

Work Experience

This section should be accurate and relevant to the job. It answers different questions like, how many jobs have you done? What ideas did you acquire in the process? What can you do best?

You can tell 80% that you need to know in a perfect resume by first understanding this section. Now, how do we indicate the work experience in a resume?

  • Write the job position for the manager or hiring committee to know your experiences.
  • Mention the company name, location and essential descriptions for ease of identification
  • Indicate achievements gained and responsibilities during your working period
  • Indicate the dates – consider the mm/yyyy format since it is customary to forget the actual dates and because the application will pass through the Application Tracking System, ATS.

Begin with the recent job to the old ones while listing your work experience. Also, don’t forget to highlight your achievement.

Most people don’t realize that you’re making a mistake when you write down your responsibilities in a resume. Every post has its responsibility, and even the managers know that. So, it would be valueless to indicate your responsibilities in print. It isn’t necessary to tell the hiring committee that you are a sales manager. It does particular tasks or duties because anyone knows that, and anyone in that position does that.

The main idea here is to present evidence of what you achieved, how you impacted the company with your unfamiliar skills, and what help you offered the company that led to its growth?

Novorésumé is a straightforward and easy to navigate platform. Make your visit now, and our team will sort you out with the best resume templates. Select the recommended format and proceed to write your copy. Be keen to follow every section without skipping a single one. With our example, candidates can draft numerous resumes in different formats within a short time.

How Best to Tailor a Resume Fit for a Job

Sometimes, the company will neglect an application because it doesn’t fit the requirements. Today, most employers use ATS to eliminate applications that don’t qualify. So, candidates should always read through the particular job opening first to identify the most critical requirements for the job position. Draft down all the support you can present for the post.

One can get discouraged once they are trying hard to write a very nice summary, and then it is removed by a robot. It is thus crucial to understand how to tailor your resume to avoid such disappointments. More so, you don’t have to get discouraged when you don’t get feedback for your applications. Below, we will learn how to present a worthy resume and avoid getting locked out from the selected few applicants.


  • Educational qualifications will appear as follows:
  • The name of the program
  • The name of the university
  • Years in school

Optional areas include academic performance, GPA, Honors, achievements, and other minor concerns

If you lack any experience, you can list your accomplishments for this section to look more appealing. Don’t mention any high school education when drafting your copy. If you graduated with a university degree, make that entry your first educational career at the top of the list. Don’t also forget to indicate your GPA scores.


Stating your skills is fundamental as this allows the HR managers to know if you have skills in doing the job once given it. One can identify themselves as having hard or soft skills. Hard skills are measurable, while soft skills are personal skills, and we can’t measure them.

What are your unique traits? A perfect resume should sum up all the skills. Here are the three basic steps on how to do that:

First, mention all the hard skills and on each skill highlight the level of experience, whether you are a beginner, an intermediate, advanced, or an expert. Don’t lie about having a particular skill, yet you don’t, even though you want the committee to consider you for a specific job opening. You might get the chance but lose it eventually because you had no experience in the first place.

Second, you might be having many qualifications, but the company will only require particular qualifications. It is essential that once you have gone through the job ad, mention 2-3 critical skills that the job requires.

Lastly, even though they might not be on the list as one of the job requirements, it is essential to have and highlight your universal skills. These can be soft skills, including leadership skills, teamwork, and challenging skills. Also, you can indicate if you have skills in PowerPoint, Excel, and software operations.

The sections discussed above are the body, and your resume needs to look. No one wants to be judged by their first impression if they make a mistake. So make fair use of this critical content to submit a worthy resume. Other sections you might consider including in your resume are:


Be sure to list other languages you can speak. Always be honest when doing so. Assign the different language levels as per your understanding, i.e. fluent, native etc.

Also, indicate your hobbies and interests that speaks of your personality. Leave behind any quality that doesn’t seem necessary for the applications.

Anyone with volunteer experience can also indicate that to boost their chances. More so, who wouldn’t want to associate with someone who can volunteer at their work for one reason or in cases of emergencies?

Ensure to present only valid certificates and attainments pertinent to the vacancy. This tells the committee that you have other appropriate expertise to qualify for the vacancy.

Indicate complete projects you have done and those successful. This tells the board all you can offer besides bringing out the uniqueness that separates you from supplementary candidates.

Checklist the document

Counterchecking articles ensures quality work delivery. Don’t spend more hours writing your copies and presenting bogus data. Compare the checklist with what you have to see if every point is detailed and goes handily with the list. If so, then kudos, you made it!

Also, proofreading aids in removing unwanted parts in the documents. You can detect wrong spelling, grammar mistakes, punctuation errors, and typos, among other mistakes. You can submit a world-class piece if you spare enough time to countercheck it.

After creating the resume, develop a cover letter that sells it, which should be brief and explain what you do or can offer. It should communicate to and convince the hiring team that you are the best candidate on board.

Introduce yourself first in the cover letter. Mention your work experience, responsibilities, what motivated you to apply for the job, and what achievements you made. These are relevant as they support your expertise in the current job opening.

Briefly describe how you would perfect your job. Explain what you did before considering that requirement, how much work you did, and how you managed the position in either of the demands.

Appreciate the reader for sparing time going through your resume since this shows humility at some point.

Easing the Interview Process 

Once in a while, candidates will freak out during an interview session and sometimes forget what they practised and thought would be the perfect response. Since most interviewers ask almost the same questions, please go through some of the questions and get familiar with them. This will make you more relaxed and ready for the interviews. Besides, it shows that you are ready for the interview and the job.

Having the basic knowledge of what resume you should use, the sections you must include, and what is optional can be a good start for the writing process. Let your resume highlight more what achievements you have rather than what responsibilities you can perform. Make the cover letter attractive and more appealing at first glance.

The worst thing you can do is submit unworthy resume copies that won’t earn you good career progress. Our services are among the best you can secure from online writing assistance. Get in touch with many of our professional writers to ensure the best resume templates for any application. Be quick to evaluate the worth of our work as you engage with our services.

Working with our team ensures that you present worthy copies at all times. Besides, we are a legitimate source that guarantees privacy and confidentiality for every service offered.

We offer 24/7 customer service to manage your copies at all times. The team works all time to ensure that you get your documents any day of the year.

Resume copies should be of the best compositions to ensure that you attract clients’ attention at all times. Be keen to determine what the employer wants before drafting your documents. There are many ways you can ensure that you always submit worthy resume copies and CVS to your potential employers. You might receive a call from the company for an interview at any time.

Factors to Consider When Working With Online Assistants

Today, online sources offer reliable help to any resume writing challenge you can experience in your career progress. The internet also provides relevant materials to draft worthy resume copies. The first sample you see from experienced online writers can be a copy of what the potential employer requires. You might need help but can’t secure that from a reliable source. It is crucial to pick a genuine company to hire online resume solutions. There are things you can evaluate to know the worth of an assistant. They include/:

  • Quality solutions
  • Timely deliveries
  • Privacy and confidentiality
  • Secure payment channels

These are among the various things you should consider before hiring an external expert. A quality resume will always earn you better scores. You can receive feedback from multiple companies if you submit reliable work.

Another thing you should consider is the time of deliveries. How long do you have before submitting the resume? Online reliable sources will provide timely deliveries for tasks. When writing any resume for application, you should consider checking the due dates. This is crucial as it will guide you when writing the final copies.

With privacy and confidentiality measures put into place, no one can interfere with your data. Here, we don’t share data with third parties. Often, exposed data is used for malpractices and online scams to the wrong hands. It would be best to pick a reliable assistant with privacy and confidentiality to avoid such cases.

Last but not least, you should always check for secure payment channels. Does the company guarantee the safety of payment channels? Various online writing assistants use different specific payment channels. These may include visa, PayPal, and money express, among others. If you can identify such payment channels within an assistant, you can verify that it is a legit assistant.

There are various things you can utilize to judge the worth of an assistant. These will include:

  • Clients’ feedback – what do clients say about the company? How excellent are the services received from the assistant? Continually evaluate the clients’ feedback to determine how excellent a company can be. The feedback tells clients. Also, this ensures that clients get the best service at affordable prices.
  • Online rating – what rating does the company have? Understanding the company’s rating enables one to understand the company’s worth. Be keen to hire only a reliable online assistant.
  • Company’s reputation – this is the last thing you can evaluate from a company. How well do other clients help influence other people? Be keen to interact with other sources to determine the worth of a company?

Constantly evaluate these three areas when considering the best service to hire. Don’t hesitate to research thoroughly to understand the company with ease. Besides, researching allows individuals to secure more relevant resources from online sources. Be keen to engage with legitimate authorities to guarantee a quality resume writing solution.

With regular practice, applicants can submit worthy resumes that stand out from the rest. Be keen to determine what the employer wants before sending your applications. Also, you can evaluate other present and reliable sample copies to guide your writing.

You will be competing with candidates with different qualifications and skills. Be keen to submit all that is relevant to the vacancy. Be straight on point, and don’t beat around the bush. You can only secure a spot if you convince the committee that you have the required traits for the job. Your applications should have the upper hand over others. It is that easy!