ZipJob Review

ZipJob Resume Service Review

Design 6/10

Service 7/10

Payment  7/10

Quality 8/10

Overall Rating 7/10

ZipJob Review

Below, we have a simple review about to teach you more about its services and how it manages to uphold a high number of job seekers requesting expert writing help. From that, you can opt to order a copy. Read on!

Job seeking can be challenging if you don’t know what to present to the employer. One needs to be keen on the type of resume reports they handle. ZipJob is one of the best online services that deliver writing solutions to Canada and the United States. Each of their members has the skill of managing professional documents.

Online companies looking to secure more clients have to present services that satisfy their desires. For example, is an online assistant managing resumes and delivering worthy copies for the competitive job market. With them, you can hire an expert writer to write your resumes at affordable costs. With this review, you can determine if they are the best assistants to hire.

How Can I Access ZipJob Services? Quick Review on the Best Assistant Online!

The company provides a simple platform, allowing individuals to order any resume writing service with ease. The service helps individuals who lack the skill of managing such work. From there, a writer will receive the task and work on it ASAP.

Additionally, the support staff can walk you through their services.

Who Can Write My Resume?

The team working with this service has executive-level experience in writing resume copies. In addition, they have experts from every field, so you won’t miss an assistant to format your documents and help build your career.

One advantage of hiring ZipJob is that they will draft copies and confirm if they affirm ATS guidelines. As such, every candidate is sure of getting a document that won’t bounce back before reaching a potential employer.

But also, you’ll need to wait two months before requesting changes to any copy that didn’t attract potential employers, something that isn’t fair to all. Luckily, any review or revision is free of charge.

What Services Does the Company Offer

If you are wondering what you might get from ZipJob, here is your chance to learn more. Assessing a service enables one to determine the type of services you can get from the assistant. Besides, you’ll know the pros and cons of hiring that provider.

From ZipJob, you can hire an expert writer to:

  • Write your resumes
  • Draft cover letters
  • Update your LinkedIn

Quality service delivery allows clients who lack the skill to return for more services. ZipJob has the mandate to present worthy reports to clients at all times for that to happen.

A quality paper will offer you the chance to secure a good spot when seeking jobs. Remember, a candidate should outdo the rest to qualify for an interview. Luckily, it is one place you won’t miss getting an expert writer to format your resume and submit a world-class copy, depending on the package that you select.

Short Review About ZipJob Ordering Process

The three standard packages that you expect from ZipJob will cost you amounts ranging at $ 139, $ 189, and $ 299. These are the charges for Launch, Fast Track, and Premium packages, respectively. By following the simple ordering process, you’ll manage to create a new account and pay for the service. The entire process takes a few minutes, allowing you to dispose of any urgent task before deadlines.

Read through the instructions keenly to determine what they want. From this, the writer will choose the best approach to take. Remember to pick the right package, as per your abilities.

The system automatically feeds data to the company’s employees, who direct the task to the relevant writer with the recommended skill. The assistant will read through the instructions and draft the original work. Remember also to review the expert to determine their competence.

Is a Scam?

Every candidate has a right to quality resume reports. Thus, the assistant will present an expert to write or format your copies. With that, you can affirm that it is a legal source.

What Price Do I Pay at ZipJob: Payment & Money-Back Review

The cost of the service will depend on the package selected. Evaluate your financial status before you pay for it. You must carry enough cash before requesting help because they don’t have discount offers on the order’s price.

In addition, ZipJob doesn’t offer money-back guarantees. On the contrary, clients can get a revision review for free, which is a plus for the service’s reputation.

A Review About ZipJob Contact & Support System

If you are looking for a reliable assistant to hire, you should consider evaluating this particular one. If you can’t communicate with a writer, you risk getting a low-quality report. However, when you are confident with this, you can select a reliable price for the paper.

Luckily, you can reach out to this team through email, direct messaging, or phone calls.

The help team at ZipJob works from Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 6 pm. Ensure that you get enough time to check the progress of your task. Doing so pushes the writer to deliver a worthy resume. Besides, it allows one enough time to speak with the assistant before it’s too late or the deadline elapses.

But also, it isn’t right to pay if you don’t know if the assistant will deliver the copies as per the demands. Luckily, this review can help you out with that. Through such, you can determine if they have the recommended skill for that assignment.

Review on ZipJob Discounts

Unluckily, you don’t get discounts or bonuses for a price toward requesting a service from ZipJob. Such a thing makes it difficult for some job seekers to order expert help if they don’t have enough money to pay for the task.

As such, one might not stand out to be the best candidate for a particular post after seeking cheap help service from an unreliable writer from other sources.

ZipJob’s Reputation as Per Other Services

Sitejabber and Trustpilot are good examples of services providing reviews about this company. Moreover, the customer service team working at ZipJob doesn’t satisfy every client on board.

The worth of a service provider will increase if it interacts with clients quickly. ZipJob has a simple platform where you can access every service within your reach. In addition, it helps individuals who lack the skill to write professional papers.

ZipJob Review as an Employer

Employers working at ZipJob can gain experience both in writing and customer service. During the interview, the team will evaluate your ability to write CVs besides managing a stubborn customer.

The average pay per hour for an expert is $ 20-46. Through LinkedIn, we noticed 50 employees on board. You can join the team, but you’ll need to get first-hand info about the service from social media. Every review that you read will guide you on this.

Besides, the support team can provide additional data to help you make the right choices when interacting with their services.

ZipJob FAQ Section

What skill do you need to present a worthy report? If you doubt yourself, you can hire services from this company. But first, read through what other customers ask about 

  1. Is the privacy policy in effect?

Determining your privacy rights is useful when hiring an online writer or service to manage your task. Remember, any candidate risks their details landing in the hands of scammers if you don’t get the proper protection. ZipJob uses HTTPS, making it difficult for third parties to access your data. Be quick to review an assistant before picking it.

  1. How long will I have to wait for my order?

Depending on the package you select and pay for, you might have to wait for 3 to 7 days before an expert delivers your copies. Besides, a large document might also increase the delivery time. Thus, you must submit your order on time to avoid the last-minute rush.

  1. How do the packages differ from each other?

The price variation for the selected package at ZipJob affects the services that you get. The skill of the assistant can also determine the type of copies to receive.

Depending on the plan that a candidate picks, here is what you get: 

Basic Plan

  • Personal interaction with the writer
  • Well written copy
  • Keyword optimization
  • Free edits for the order

Fast Track

  • Chances of receiving a motivational letter
  • Two months warranty before editing or review service requests

Premium Plan

  • Skillful writers on board
  • Free additional LinkedIn page creation and editing within three days
  • Writers are ready to customize your CV for future job opportunities

Regardless of the package that you select, you’ll need to provide complete and exact instructions for the writer to format your task as supposed.

  1. How do I contact a writer from this service? allows clients to make direct contacts with the expert writer on-site.

Is ZipJob Worth Your Money?

With this review, I can say that there is no risk in hiring ZipJob to draft or format your resume order. If you lack the skill of writing a recommendable piece, you can reach out to this team. They will present copies that beat the ATS. Reach out to their support team for more. They will show you how to submit requests for your task.

Nonetheless, they should look into considering discounts to sustain every candidate who pays for resume services.