ResumeGets Review

ResumeGets Resume Service Review

Design 8/10

Service 7/10

Payment  7/10

Quality 7/10

Overall Rating 7/10

ResumeGets Review
In this article, we are going to make a review of ResumeGets service. We have a talented pool of writers at this agency, well-educated on the different market developments relating to a job candidate’s professional opportunities.

Using our service, the writer will transform your boring CV into an influential instrument when looking for a job. The proficient writer is well-informed on the hottest drifts in recruitment and human resource. In addition, they have a unique skill that helps them attend to your career needs, thereby increasing your chances of getting hired. As a candidate, it’s good to review a company’s website before using its facilities.

Executive Summary Review

As a candidate, do you have the required skill to write your CV? Do not shelve that job application. According to our review, is a writing agency that aims at providing CV composing guidelines. They also deal in writing other papers like cover letters. ResumeGets is available online as a writing agency, whereby one can access the writer of their choice and the different design and format styles they use. Customer satisfaction is a crucial company virtue, and also we make sure these services are pocket-friendly hence reasonable to both students and professionals. No matter how bad it looks, the writer designated to your order will create a brand new file that will lure your potential employers. By using our facilities, you will raise your odds of getting that dream job. Any writer at our service must harness the skill of attracting the employers’ attention.

Service Review

In conducting our review, we noticed that at ResumeGets, their services speak for themselves. We hire the best writers in the market. Therefore, we are the best writing company in the market right now. Our team of experts has assisted a total of more than two thousand and fifty clients and received more than two thousand candidates’ audits. This writing agency has been in the market for about six years.

The advantages of using

The review showed that apart from using the services cited above, the agency offers other coupons to their customers. The free services include:

  • Free revision services
  • Free-format design
  • ATS keyword optimization
  • Free drafts

What Makes Composing Service Unique?

The review from ResumeGets shows that there are essential few aspects that make the agency stand out. At this service, what you pay for is what you get. Below are some key features related to ResumeGets:

  • Customer privacy is paramount
  • Secure and fast payments systems
  • The pricing plans are affordable
  • 24-hour client support
  • A personal approach when making an order

Online Reputation

As a candidate, the query you should be asking yourself before settling on a composing service is why to choose ResumeGets. Deciding on a custom service is a skill in itself. As a candidate, read the reviews you will come across. Also, you can visit our website at any given time, and you will find out the company’s credibility. We have delivered more than twenty-five thousand CVs, and the candidates were successful in their respective task postings. More than 95% of our clients received a task invitation after applying using the resume our writers generated.

How ResumeGets Works

Get Started

If you require a resume done for a task application, then you’ve come to the right place. The first step you make is choosing the type of service you require. The next step is to share an old resume. If you don’t have one, you can fill out a questionnaire that will aid the resume expert in writing without leaving out any details. Finally, do not hesitate to contact the support team if you encounter a problem.

Check on the Resume Expert Progress

To get an outstanding resume for your task application, you must maintain constant communication with your resume writer. Help the expert write an occupation story in your own words. There might need some changes to be made, advice on such instances, and approval of all the written content. Remember to check the format and designs applied.

Get Your Professionally Written Resume

This is the last step you do when making an order. For example, at, the customer gets two versions of the resume they made an order for (both document and PDF). This will be done after two days after making an order. Once you receive it, go through it and check if the format used is acceptable.

How Do We Rate ResumeGets?

First and foremost, the site’s design is simple and easy to use. As a candidate, before making an order, you can choose to submit a rough resume copy that will give the writer a clear picture of what you want. Next, there are several packages determined by the nature of services and the price you pay. Finally, after selecting your favorite container, pay for it, and the system will automatically confirm you as a new client.

Service Features

In this section, we shall address some of the service features that make clients come back.

Resume Quality

As we conducted the content review at ResumeGets, the qualities of the CVs we convey are of high quality. We understand that you want to look suitable for this task. The service provides its customers with a unique skill set used to format and design resume layouts. In terms of design, we guarantee that the CV has been ATS optimized.

Resume Writer Certification

The review showed that at ResumeGets service, they only hire the best writers. Before hiring an expert, we must conduct a thorough background check on the person. Also, the CV writer must pass all the required tests before being a part of our agency. A good CV writer is continually educated on all resume composing principles together with ATS optimizations methods. When it comes to experts’ Certifications, we are on point. The skill of composing resumes is what we look for.

How to Use

Our review shows that the ResumeGets’ website is easy to use. It’s consumer-friendly, all you need to do is sign up, and an automated message will be sent to you with your account details. I have personally read other reviews, and I can certify them. Basic computer skills are needed here.

Fees and Price Packages

The review from the ResumeGets agency indicates that there are three different pricing packages. Here are the three packages we offer:

Standard Plan

The standard package is the cheapest of them all. But, unfortunately, you will be needed to part with $149.

Our review shows that by choosing the standard plan, you get the following:

  • An expert is expected to write a tailored cover letter on your behalf
  • A professionally written CV
  • Doc and Pdf versions of the CV
  • Revision within 40 days
  • An ATS compatible CV
  • Constant communication with the assigned expert

The Advanced Package

This is the second package that requires one to pay $259.

Our review shows that by choosing this plan, you get the following:

  • An optimized error-free resume
  • An expert is expected to write a tailored cover letter on your behalf
  • LinkedIn profile makeover
  • Revisions within 40 days
  • Doc and Pdf versions of the CV
  • Constant communication with your assigned expert
  • Modern and ATS attuned design

Full Makeover

This is the last package ResumeGets service offers. Here you will need to pay $349.

Our review shows that by choosing the complete makeover package, you get the following:

  • An optimized error-free resume
  • An expert is expected to write a tailored cover letter for free
  • LinkedIn profile makeover
  • Doc and Pdf versions of the CV
  • Revisions within 40 days
  • Modified and custom-made thank-you and follow-up letters
  • Constant communication with your assigned expert
  • Modern and ATS compatible design

Offers and Extra Services

At ResumeGets, we have some extra services that we offer. They include:

Working Under Tight Deadlines

This service offers task candidates guarantees of getting their resumes under tight deadlines. We insist on maintaining an excellent reputation with our customers. The writer will compose your order at any given time. A writer must have the required technical skill sets to do it on short notice.

Access to a Specialized Quality Assertion Group

Before your file is made available for download, we have a superiority assertion team that goes through it. They check if the CV has enough keywords and if it has any grammar errors.

24/7 Writer Support or a Help Center

To all our clients, we have made it possible for everyone to access customer support at any given time.


Is ResumeGets Service Legit?

Yes, ResumeGets is a legit writing company.

How Much Does ResumeGets Cost?

The price of a resume will depend on the package chosen. We have three packages, namely, standard, advanced, and complete makeover. In the standard package, you will be required to pay a price of $149.

Does ResumeGets Work Offline?

ResumeGets works best when the client is online.

ResumeGets Services’ Speed

The speed of a writer from ResumeGets is commendable. We address all customer needs.

Are ResumeGets Services Worth It?

The services rendered by ResumeGets are worth every penny.

Final Verdict

As we conclude our review, we conclude that this service is a trustworthy company that seeks to fulfill the customers’ demands. As a candidate, it’s advisable to employ the writers from ResumeGets if you lack the skill needed to compose it yourself. Furthermore, the price you pay for the chosen package is pocket-friendly. Therefore, this service is definitely worth using.