VelvetJobs Review

VelvetJobs Resume Service Review

Design 7/10

Service 8/10

Payment  8/10

Quality 7/10

Overall Rating 7/10

VelvetJobs Review
In today’s competitive and volatile job market, workforce adjustments are standard components of daily business operations. At some point, everyone faces the prospect of losing a job, and the experience can be stressful.

A good outplacement writer service helps a candidate with resume and cover letter writing. The service can also offer career coaching as well as work-related resources. VelvetJobs is one of the most popular outplacement writer services online, offering holistic support to people who need help during their career transitions.

We sought to determine whether this is a platform you can trust with your job search process. This article summarizes the findings of our review.

Overview of the VelvetJobs Service: What Is It?

VelvetJobs markets itself as a place where candidates searching for employment can get personal branding, career coaching, and resume writing. The objective is to ensure that anyone using the service receives a better chance of finding and landing a high-paying job. is an outplacement service tasked with helping outgoing employees to get new employment as soon as possible. Our review shows that the service helps with career assessment and offers guidance on navigating the job search process.

We reviewed VelvetJobs to provide helpful information for job seekers needing resume and cover letter writing assistance. The findings of our review can be summarized into the following key features:

  • Launched in 2014 as a direct to consumer service,
  • Founded by Pavel Krapivin;
  • Offers various packages, ranging from $199;
  • There is no bonus or discount system.

Key Features of the VelvetJobs Service

Having been founded in 2014, VelvetJobs is a relatively new player in the outplacement and resume writing industry. The agency claims to have helped more than 13 million people with the process of growing their careers. Although our writer platform review shows that most people only use its free features, the company offers a transition service package that pays for job search support.

According to the findings of this review, the services offered by VelvetJobs include curated job matching and personalized resume writing. The website also provides transition assistance to its clients, depending on the package you pay for. From the service, a candidate should also expect a gifted specialist to write the task.

Having been in the industry for more than five years, VelvetJobs has created a niche as one of the most dependable outplacement agencies online. However, its service range is still limited as the company does not offer help with LinkedIn profiles.

Expect only a custom resume and cover letter when you pay to be linked with an expert writer for a task. If you need assistance with other documents like personal statements or LinkedIn profiles, you may need to look elsewhere.

During our VelvetJobs writer platform review, we noted that the agency offers personalized coaching, besides each candidate benefiting from writing assistance. We went through various customer testimonials to verify the quality of such services. Most of the reviews from past clients were positive, although there were a few complaints about communication breakdowns.

If you need an expert to write your resume, you can trust VelvetJobs because the company has hired a team of vetted professionals. Those who visit the writer website also benefit from a massive database of carefully researched resources. While the price customers are asked to pay seems steep, the service delivered is top-notch.

Pricing, Bonuses, and Discounts

Our expert writer service review articles are created to benefit people searching for help with the job search process. These individuals often have limited financial abilities and can benefit from appealing offers. Although VelvetJobs offers a wide range of services besides resume and cover letter writing, we found its price quite expensive.

Of course, a candidate is allowed to choose a package that suits their needs. The cheapest alternative is the entry-level professional alternative, which goes for $199 if you get a specialist to write your resume. There is a second, more expensive option that costs $249. Finally, the most expensive package offered by is the executive offer, which requires a candidate to pay a price of $459.

Although our review determined the quality of work delivered by VelvetJobs to be impeccable, the high price charged on its packages cannot be justified. Compared to other outplacement services offering similar skill help, the expert writer service seems too costly.

Variety of Service Offered

When it comes to the range of services offered by the VelvetJobs writer agency, the company does not disappoint. Unlike most service providers that restrict their products to resumes and cover letters, VelvetJobs has several other items on offer. Here a candidate can pay to have an expert write a custom task.

If you want tips on how to improve your skill sets to match a specific role, this is the right writer platform for you. The VelvetJobs website also contains valuable resources that job seekers can benefit from as they look to make themselves more marketable.

Being an outplacement and custom writer service, VelvetJobs also allows employers to post jobs on the website, highlighting the skill sets they desire. The expert service is still growing, and there are signs that it could become one of the best outplacement platforms online over the coming years.

Usability of the Website

One of the most important factors we considered for this review was the usability of the website. We know that the quality of a company’s page reflects its seriousness and how it wishes to be perceived by clients. Unfortunately, while the VelvetJobs website is straightforward and allows any candidate to place an order, we find its design less than appealing.

The designer who created the website strived for simplicity, which is evident in the format used. However, visitors may still struggle to find helpful information they need to order and improve their skill sets. Also, the page loads slowly and lacks an aesthetic appeal.

Effectiveness of Customer Service

Another crucial element we considered for the review was the effectiveness of the VelvetJobs customer support department. While the company support agents have the right skill sets and respond to questions and concerns well, the reply is often delayed.

The agency only communicates to customers through email and on the website form. Live chat and phone calls are not supported, which makes communication frustrating when you order a task.

Bottom Line: Is VelvetJobs Legitimate

Based on our review, we can conclude that VelvetJobs is a legit outplacement service. However, while it is an expert writer service for resume and cover letter writing, some areas could benefit from improvements. For example, the webpage loads slowly, and package prices are too high. That said, we were impressed with the quality of work the writer delivered on the platform.